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Combat Upgrade is Here

Relevant news about Creature Handlers and SWGCreatures
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Postby Nytar » Fri Apr 29, 2005 7:54 am

So far I am loving CU.

As a BE, it is sad to see \"all\" of my BE pets need to be converted and wild creatures have 1000 fortitude which makes their health regenerate faster, but at the same time their DNAs are useless in the cloning process. However, now that BE is a combat profession and I can use better weapons than CDEFs.

I love how pets regenerate health so fast. My Toxic Merek Battlelord was holding its own against higher level mobs better than level 80 melee players.

As for hate system, I let my pet attack NPCs for a few seconds before I attacked and NPCs seemed to ignore me.

Finally, BE/CH don't have to worry about chunkers and other weak mobs attacking us around starports. We can take them :)
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thumbs up to you Nytar.

Postby velm » Fri Apr 29, 2005 8:24 am

I give you a mighty and well deserved /kowtow. I am so sick and tired of hearing all the negativity towards the new combat system.
I have not had much of a chance to mess with it, as last nite, i was getting kicked off of it about every 5 minutes, so I finally gave up. From what I did see, it was not the doom and gloom everyone was saying.

I think those people out there that used stratergy will do ok in the new combat system. It will just take some adjusting.

I was taking out quenkers and picketts before work today. before they could touch me, they were dropped by me and my pet. I did the same thing you did, I let my pet get the first few hits in then did a few specials. I need further testing to see how other creatures fare.

(yeah, I spelt strategery right. It came from a Saturday Night Live scit.)
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Postby Soulsyphon » Tue May 03, 2005 3:27 pm

i had a chance to try out the combat revamp..was kind of annoyed at the loss of pet specials. also noticed there is no longer a /peace command, so keep that in mind when working a nest. I was happy to notice my lvl 60 kimo after getting adjusted to keep the clvl lost about half his ham to 6k ham,armor, and his specials..but on the flip side he went from resist kinetic by 55% to 3625 resist to all resists except lightsaber. Also my prenerf rancor lost armor and that is all he kept his clvl of 0/1 , he also still has 10k HAM and 589 damage. as far as combat goes there is no trouble there i'm a master TKA/master CH- Trandoshan. i found i'm still able to kill a rancor undoc buffed with pets, as long as the pets get the aggro. and my kimo ate a jedi :-) So all in all my template is very powerful. Which is a good thing if CH would have turned out destroyed i'd have had to go with template brawler 4/0/4/0, tka master, combat prowress 0/0/4/4, enhanced reflexes 4/4/4/0, hightend senses 0/0/0/4, force defense 2/2/0/4, force enhancement 0/0/0/4, force powers 4/0/0/0, force healing novice 0/0/0/0....being a trandoshan would have only enhanced on all of this due to our very powerful race bonuses to all aspects of TKA+regeneration bonus+ major heath stats bonuses. :P
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Postby schadow shadowbane » Wed May 04, 2005 4:59 am

Well the CU is nice, but the missing specials from the pets are disturbing.

I hope they will give the specials back and even when they dont do it, live goes on. :)
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Postby ranja123 » Wed May 04, 2005 11:05 am

And Smedleys answer:
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Postby Lantyssa » Thu May 05, 2005 3:30 pm

From Vertexon:[quote:4f6e066606][color=yellow:4f6e066606]What happened to pet special attacks? All now seem to be absent from the game, which robs pets of needed variety and combat functionality.[/color:4f6e066606]
[color=red:4f6e066606]Special attacks have been broken with the new AI code and will be fixed as soon as possible.[/color:4f6e066606]

[color=yellow:4f6e066606]Why can't we see damage resists on creatures any more? Do creatures still have resists that we just can't see for some reason, or are Health and Damage the only stats that matter (which again damages pet variety and combat functionality).[/color:4f6e066606]
[color=red:4f6e066606]The resists are still there, but the examine info was broken when we changed the armor system. This is also on the list of fixes being worked on.[/color:4f6e066606]

[color=yellow:4f6e066606]Is it intended that a Creature Handler should always use a single pet of the highest possible level, and if so doesn't this destroy the usefulness of controlling two or three pets at a time? Three CL 23 pets are an order of magnitude (or more) weaker than a single CL 70 pet and will be absolutely crushed in combat.[/color:4f6e066606]
[color=red:4f6e066606]Yes, unfortunately with the balance system it is no longer practical to have multiple pets of varying levels in use at one time.[/color:4f6e066606][/quote:4f6e066606]

There is a report of pets using their specials naturally, just not on command. (Those with poison or disease using pets will know the behavior.)

One pet being better is not really a new concept either. Those around during the changes of December 2003 might remember the devs wanted this to be the case. They allowed us to keep multiple pets after our outcry, but they felt one big pet should be better than three small ones. Buggy BE pets changed the reality of that.
Field Biologist
Field Biologist
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Postby Lantyssa » Thu May 05, 2005 3:44 pm

Also from today's patch notes:[quote:b12f84e554][color=yellow:b12f84e554]* Balance Pass for Dathomir, Yavin IV, Lok and GCW

* Changed chance-to-tame formula for creature handlers to ensure that you have a chance to tame and can call any pet that you should be able to tame according to your \"tame level\" skill. You still need at least some Tame Vicious Creatures skill in order to tame or call aggressive creatures. In general, if your tame level is 70, then you should have a chance of taming and be able to call any creature up to level 70, without additional skill bonuses from species or skilltapes. Tame bonus, tame wild animals and tame vicious creatures bonuses will still be useful in taming creatures in fewer attempts, but will no longer make the difference between being able to make the attempt[/color:b12f84e554][/quote:b12f84e554]

Pets from those planets may be a little different or unusable now.

The update to the chance-to-tame formula was long overdue. If it is in your level range, you should have a chance to tame it. No more untamable CL 64+ for Masters.
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Postby ranja123 » Thu May 05, 2005 3:47 pm

YAY us!

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