SWG Creatures


Hackers hackers and more hackers. I haven't actively developed SWGCreatures in years. It saddens me greatly to see the site basically taken offline due to hackers, but I'm not quite sure what else to do. I no longer develop in ASP and all of the site's code is in classic ASP of which I really have no desire to rewrite. SWG in it's time was one of the best online games out there. Maybe one day I will have more time and get back into this great game...

This site started out as a hobby and grew into a wonderful resource for Creature Handlers. The community we created here was a tight knit one and this site really created my passion for creating websites, which has now turned into my full time career.

At any rate, this site was also a learning experience for me and as such is likely riddled with security holes which has left it open season to all the shady hackers that lurk around the net these days.

So, for the moment, I have taken the site offline. I did however create a forum for old CH's on one of my other sites which will serve as a place to get together from time to time and reminisce about the great days of being a Creature Handler in SWG!

You can find us at http://forums.azzor.com/forumdisplay.php?f=370 or on our newly created Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/SWGCreaturescom/134282836631897

Hopefully Star Wars: The Old Republic will be an amazing game and possibly we'll meet up again! Although sadly there is no mention of Creature Handlers in SWTOR =(

Safe travels to you all!
Juntao Ta'kor
Master Creature Handler
Ahazi Server

PS. We all know the Rancor was the iconic pet of the CH. I had at one time wanted to do a little comic with a rancor named Ronnie the Rancor but it never took off. Here's a couple of early pics that were created =)

I couldn't find who it was that I had create these, if I had your info, I would be happy to credit you. Please email me if you see these! juntao (at) swgcreatures.com!